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Refund Policy

We do not refund ticket value. However we have a couple of options available to those who purchased tickets but who cannot attend the event:


Option 1) You can personally sell your ticket to another person. The rules for this exchange to be valid are as follows:

- The person you sell the ticket to must be the same role (follower or leader) as you.

- The person who buys the ticket from you is subject to the same policy.

- The person who buys the ticket from you pays you directly. We are not involved in any disputes in regards to this issue.

- You must inform us confirming this exchange by emailing us at <> and give us the full name and email address of the person. In result of your exchange confirmation email, your participation will no longer be valid, and the person who bought the ticket from you will be the next participant. - The person who buys the ticket from you must fill out Pasional participant information form, which we will email them upon receiving your confirmation email.


Option 2) If you are unable or unwilling to find a person to sell your ticket AND it's before July 7, 2020 (a month before the event date), your ticket will be valid for participation in next year's Pasional VIII. The only requirement for this option is that you have to inform us before July 7th that this is the option you are choosing by emailing us at <>.


All registrants waive any right to refunds beyond those described above.

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