PASIONAL VI  August 9-11, 2019 Schedule 

The location for all our milongas is the 12 E. Erie Ballroom, located at 12 E. Erie, Chicago, IL 60611

The Beach Hangout will take place at the Ohio Street Beach on Sunday 8/11 between 2-6pm. Here are walking directions from the venue to the beach.

Friday Night, 9pm-3am

Noche Pasional, DJ Mike Shirobokov, Chicago, IL

Saturday Afternoon, 1pm-6pm

Milonga Temprana, DJ Jun Yi, San Francisco, CA

Saturday Night, 10pm-4am

Milonga Magnifica, DJ Hernan Prieto, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Chicago, IL

Sunday Afternoon, 2pm-6pm

Vamos a la Playa*, DJ Mike Shirobokov, Chicago, IL

*This is not an official milonga. If the weather cooperates we will be hanging out at the Ohio Street Beach (walking distance to the event venue 12. E Erie). We will play music. Come and cool your feet in Lake Michigan, socialize, dance, sun bathe, or nap. It is social down time, and a chance to take in the magnificent views of the Chicago skyline. If the weather does not cooperate, we will have an afternoon milonga at the venue (12 E. Erie Ballroom) during the same time 2-6pm instead. Here are the directions for walking from the venue to the Ohio Street Beach.

Sunday Evening, 9pm-2am+

Milonga de los Abrazos, DJ Max Stasi, Milan, Italy


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