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PASIONAL VII - Chicago, IL - August 7-9, 2020


A few days ago we found out that in Illinois events of 50 people or more will not be allowed until there is a vaccine for Covid19. Given this piece of news, unfortunately we have to cancel PASIONAL VII. We hope to be back in August 2022. If you already registered, you can either roll your registration over to 2022, or we are equally happy to refund you. To get a refund please send an email to We will send all those who are registered to PASIONAL VII an email soon. Please also check your junk mail folders.



Please take good care of yourselves. We cherish all our memories from past Pasionals and we cannot wait for the day we will be able to embrace each other. For now, stay well, and know that we miss you!


And we repeat the lyrics from Pasional... and say to tango....


"Estás clavada en mí… te siento en el latir

abrasador de mis sienes.

Te adoro cuando estás… y te amo mucho más

cuando estás lejos de mí."


"You’re stuck to me… I feel you in the beat

that scorches my temples.

I worship you when you are here… and I love you a lot more

when you are far from me."



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